Kutta, a tranquil hamlet in the lap of Coorg

It’s 3:00 pm, time to grab a cup of coffee, said my colleague. Yeah! let’s go, I said. The aroma of coffee was getting stronger with every step towards the pantry. As the whiff of coffee struck my nostrils, my heart recoiled back to my blissful stay at a home stay in Kutta; a small town in South Coorg. The mere thought of being there took all my fatigue away.

After an entire day of roaming around in scorching sun, all I needed was a nice and cool place to lie down and relax. As our car was approaching Kutta, we saw a small signboard which indicated a right turn towards a narrow village road. For 3 kms, we kept driving through coffee estates.

Entrance of Nitara Homestay

Then came the entrance of our home stay, a farmhouse surrounded with coffee estates and a garden with different types of flowers and shrubs spread across the compound. Imagine the calmness and serenity of a place where there is only one house amidst the coffee estate  and all you can see when you look around are different types of flowers, coconut trees, areca nut trees, coffee & spices plantations; a place where there’s no hustle and bustle of city and of course no pollution.

Coffee estates of the host

Our host welcomed us with a cup of filter kaapi (coffee), a sip of which took all the fatigue  and sleepiness away and filled us with immense energy and excitement. For almost an hour, we kept bugging our host with questions related to plantation of coffee and various kinds of spices, but he was patient enough to answer all our questions.

View of homestay

With the setting sun, weather was getting cold & pleasant and slowly, blue sky was getting darker. It was just a matter of few minutes​, and the sky was lit with a full moon. Looking at the starry sky we realized, the things that mother nature has provided us free of cost are taken for granted by our race. So we have to come all the way to Coorg from Mumbai to experience this beauty.

Various types of flowers

We were sitting in the verandah sharing our thoughts, when a traditional home cooked dinner was served. Like every Indian state, Karnataka also has a unique traditional and delicious cuisine and when it is home-cooked, the taste is enhanced with the love that the cook puts in while preparing it. Admiring the beauty of night sky and the surroundings, we took a stride after a sumptuous dinner.

Sitting area in verandah where dinner was served

And came the cold morning of Kutta with sweet sound of chirping of birds. It was time to go to Nagarhole National Park. After getting back, we hogged on breakfast and realised that it was time to bid goodbye to this lovely home away from home. The experiences like this come with an expiry date for people like us who take pride in belonging to a metro. All these metros have everything to make your life convenient but it is these small joys which they lack. In this rat race of globalisation, we are missing out on small things like watching sunrise or sleeping under the stars.

So, when work takes a toll on you, take a break and head to a place like this for few days to rediscover your hobbies and may be, yourself!

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